Wednesday, March 31, 2010

fill the vacuum

General update: I've been working on filming parts of a fake movie trailer project, which involves a lot of fun sets and costumes. For more info on that, see my other blog here.

Sorry I haven't taken a lot of pictures of my knitting. This is, after all, intended to be a knitting blog, but there hasn't actually been a lot of information on the yarn-oriented things I'm working on. That soon shall change. I hope.

The things I'm working on at the moment are(what's actually on my needles), and what I'll eventually get pictures of:
-"Omniscience" cardigan. (started body, completed sleeves)
-"Mad Hatter" cardigan. (started sleeves, completed body)
-Blue Star Dragon plush. (about 16" out of three feet intended)
-Glowing Lantern plush. (about 1.5" out of 6-7 intended)
-Starry shrug. (raglan)
-Where the Wild Things Are inspired sweater. (raglan, lengthening body)

I think I'm a good example of...what do they call it..."startitis"?

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