Sunday, March 14, 2010

good vacation

I recently took a much needed vacation which, happily, involved my best friends, lots of knitting, doing nothing, and saying stupid things. And chocolate cake.

My friend Margaret/Hatty/Japanese Longfish is learning to knit. And see? Knitting makes people haaappy.

During my stay she fleshed out her knitting experience by dealing with slipping needles, lots of frogging(which I only then learned meant to pull it out) and odd things with gauge. I hope she gets into it more, because I don't know a lot of people who knit...and I'm selfish like that. Hehe.

I finished a pair of wool gloves which, as it turns out, I didn't need on the train because it was too warm instead of too cold.

It's based on a dragon in The Storytellers: Anterria named Nein, and so are the gloves, though without flaming breath and spikes on its tail. I'll probably write the pattern up for these, as well as another pair of fingerless gloves I made one of on the train.

Buy my books so I can live here all the time. I'm serious. Go. Go now. Well, wait until it's out, and then go buy it.


  1. Well, I'll buy them if I know what they're called first!!! by the way, I asked to be your friend on Goodreads. Any responses?

  2. I took that picture of Rachael.

  3. Nice Picture of Rachael.