Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dark Diversions: The Addams Family series

Today, due to visions of television-fuzz and yellowish spots, I stayed home and did...absolutely nothing. Which, as you probably know, I don't like to do. It was the kind of hindrance of health that prevents me from reading, writing, or (gasp!) knitting. After re-watching the end of a fantastic movie about The Spirit of St. Louis, my lack of paper, yarn and ink was all but forgotten as I proceeded to devour multiple episodes of The Addams Family.

The sight of Gomez sharpening the iron fence is the perfect thing to cheer me up.
Here I leave you with a "mini-episode" that I found on Youtube. It shows enough snapshots of the lovely family and home to get a general idea of the series. I know not everyone likes this sort, but I love it better than batman and black licorice combined, and wanted to share what made me happy today.

A bit of Blackbird trivia: when I was a little kid(as opposed to a big kid I am at present) I did a fantastic impression of Cousin Itt. Being a shy nine-year-old with waist length hair, there wasn't much else I was good at--LOL.

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