Saturday, May 1, 2010

Crafty Lightning: Etsy and Other Yarn

I made two sales today! *completely lame girly-squeal* The only problem is, it's to a country I never conceived I would need to ship to, and therefore had not adjusted the shipping rate appropriately. Pray for me that the US Postal Service has a livesaving rate to Sweden. Seriously.

But on a lighter note. I guess.
Someone had recently called attention to a mistake in my knitting, that I have now corrected. The problem with that, though, is that I feel the need to go back a re-knit everything I've made so far, which isn't going to be fun, no matter how obligated I feel.

A friend of mine, who is teaching me to spin, let me borrow her spinning wheel! I've made a bit of wool 2-ply so far, but to the left is a photo I took when I was about halfway through. Fun stuff. I plan to spin some light tan and some more dark brown and put it together, for the sake of some awesome, funky-looking yarn. I've been knitting some with my attempt at 2-plying on my drop spindle. The yarn isn't perfectly balanced, but it stays together well enough.

I put my handspun yarn in my stash on Ravelry and, in the long tradition of spinners and other crafters, took it upon myself to name it something vague and artsy. My thick, slightly scratchy wool handspun shall henceforth be known as Bledig, the Welsh word for "like a wolf." This particular colorway is called Wooden, because I've been knitting 1x1 ribbing, and it looks like tree bark.

(My name on Ravelry is Madhat, by the way. Stalk me.)

And give me money in exchange for these(but give me a warning if you're not in America)...
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