Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crafty Lightning: Stitch London

Well, I've gotten myself into some trouble.
I saw this over at the Knit Me! blog and, as I title these posts of sudden and electrifying inspiration, I was struck with a bolt of Crafty Lightning.

Picture from the site. Not meh.

From the Stitch London site:

Stitch London has teamed up with London’s Science Museum to create a Stitch Yourself exhibit for the re-opening of their Who Am I? gallery in June 2010. You are invited to contribute a tiny Stitched Self and take part in scientific stitching history.

You can send in your contributions from anywhere in the world.

Those who know me offline...
would it be possible to borrow a set of size 4 DPNs?

Yes, I would get hyped up over something when I don't have all the supplies.
Oh, and guess what?

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  1. Thanks for the link back! I can't wait to see a little blackbird :) Also, I like how the train is coming along!