Friday, May 7, 2010

recent projects

And some stuff I actually finished! Hurrah!

These are the infamous Werewolf Mitts, made with my handspun wool yarn. 100% wool. Not 98, not 75, but 100%, handspun, handplied wool. I'm quite proud of them, can't you tell?

This is my first double knitting project with two colors, and I had a very bad time starting it. Maybe it was because it was so late. I restarted it a few(felt like several) times, and now it's going fantastically! The edges are a little...odd, but I don't mind. It's working, and showing up!

The train car charts I'm using are from Laura Chamberlain's "Chugga Chugga". I'd been looking for a good train chart, but hadn't found anything I particularly liked. I call my own work Space Train, after the shiny cosmic train in The Storytellers :)


  1. Looks good! I love double knitting, though I've only done it once. I keep thinking of this or that double knit thing, but never do it.

    And the mitts are so nice!

  2. how on earth do you double knit?

    nice gloves.

  3. @Bekah - It's like doing ribbing, sort of. A K1, P1 pattern, where the back yarn is hidden between the layers. If the "double knitting" above is underlined green up there, you can click for a page explaining it.