Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who is the most attractive person you know?

This is usually one of those generated questions that I skip but, since someone actually asked it, I'll give it a go. I'm not going to slap a name on here, no. That would be way too easy ;)

Though I definitely have thoughts on what's outwardly attractive, that's not the most important. (though, I will admit, most on the list quite resemble vampires, telephone poles, and time/space-travelers) There are a lot of *faces* that I like, but attractive minds are much harder to come by.

They must keep themselves from drawing lines where there are none, and treat people as people foremost. A nine-year-old who refuses to associate with a six-year-old is a brat, but why is a high school senior beating up(or even just hating) a freshman, simply because of the fact, acceptable? I have these pesky scruples over people treating each other in illogical, overly-complicated, selfish ways.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

As Recited by Edwin Carp

"Feet" by Scoutmaster Allen
A Poem glorifying the pedal extremities.

You need feet to stand up straight with,
You need feet to kick your friends,
You need feet to keep your socks on,
And stop your legs from fraying at the ends.
You need feet to stand on tippy-toe,
Or to dance the hootchie-koo.
Yes, the whole world needs feet for something,
And I need feet to run away from you.


There came a giant to my door,
A giant big and strong.
His arms were thirty inches thick,
His legs were twelve yards long.

He scowled, he frowned,
He shook the ground,
I trembled through and through.
And then I looked him in the face,
And said, "Who cares for you?"

And he hit me.


Somebody said it couldn't be done,
But he with a chuckle replied,
"Maybe it couldn't, but I will be one,
Who'll never say 'No!' 'til I've tried."

So he buckled right in,
With a trace of a grin
On his face, if he worried he hid it.
And he tackled the thing that couldn't be done,

And he couldn't do it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wait, what?

"Which one should I drink first?"
"Both of them. At the SAME TIME!"

The Snark made me do it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

This Weekend

"I thank my God every time I remember you."
Philipians 1:3

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey, guesswhat.

I'm back.

Click for bigger.


are you my mummy?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

update from vacation.

No pictures, because I don't know how to put them into the computer I'm using. Ah, well. I promise there will be a mind-bending amount of images one I can upload them. But, for now, here's an update in text:

* Heroine has half of one sleeve! Yay! I think this will be the first wearable knitting that I've actually finished.

*Finished my Slytherin Bag, complete with lining and strap. The lining ran a bit small, so the sewing is a bit warped, but I love it, and am very satisfied.

* Phasmatis Apparatus(fancy latin name for my neck warmers) is now an actual chart. Also the first time I've charted my own lace. I hope to refine it a little more and sell headbands, neckwarmers, etc, on my etsy shop. (Phasmatis Apparatus is ghost in the machine, a reference to one of my characters who would like to wear the piece.)

* I'm slowly chipping away at the rough draft of my third book. It's that point in the plot where I know what needs to happen, but there's just enough haziness for it to be a little tough actually writing it down. Almost through the tough part, though, and then on to some easier parts. Not necessarily more interesting, but what comes more easily.

* My doll for the Stitch London project is almost complete! I just need to make her a pair of pants, and she'll be set to send off.