Wednesday, June 2, 2010

update from vacation.

No pictures, because I don't know how to put them into the computer I'm using. Ah, well. I promise there will be a mind-bending amount of images one I can upload them. But, for now, here's an update in text:

* Heroine has half of one sleeve! Yay! I think this will be the first wearable knitting that I've actually finished.

*Finished my Slytherin Bag, complete with lining and strap. The lining ran a bit small, so the sewing is a bit warped, but I love it, and am very satisfied.

* Phasmatis Apparatus(fancy latin name for my neck warmers) is now an actual chart. Also the first time I've charted my own lace. I hope to refine it a little more and sell headbands, neckwarmers, etc, on my etsy shop. (Phasmatis Apparatus is ghost in the machine, a reference to one of my characters who would like to wear the piece.)

* I'm slowly chipping away at the rough draft of my third book. It's that point in the plot where I know what needs to happen, but there's just enough haziness for it to be a little tough actually writing it down. Almost through the tough part, though, and then on to some easier parts. Not necessarily more interesting, but what comes more easily.

* My doll for the Stitch London project is almost complete! I just need to make her a pair of pants, and she'll be set to send off.


  1. I don't mind reading posts about knitting with no pictures... But maybe I'm just a little obsessed...

    My stitched self still needs a top! Gah!! I need to work on that!!

  2. I like the Phasmatis Apparatus idea!