Monday, September 20, 2010

Free Pattern: Traveling Scarf -- Vertical Rendition

This pattern came about purely by chance. A few years ago I was asked to make a scarf for someone, and was given a small skein of yarn that had me cringing at the limited possibilities. So, through trial and error and weaseling the yarn into various previously unheard-of stitches, the scarf finally did what I wanted, and this pattern was created.

It doesn't use much yarn, and feeds my obsession with stripes. The uncommon stitch makes it wonderfully squishy, even if you make it as thin as the instructions below. Use scraps of all colors, or stick with two, mess with the colors to make your own perfect scarf!

There is another meaning attached to the "traveling" part of this title, which you can red about here.

~75 Yards of both colors
Size I(5.5 mm) crochet hook(or a close size)


BHDC - Base Half Double Crochet - Ch2, YO, insert hook into 1st chain, pull through, YO, pull through 3 loops, ch1, repeat basic instructions into the side of what you just made.

HDC - Half Double Crochet - YO, insert hook into next st, pull through, YO, pull through 3 loops.

LT - Leave Tail - At the beginning of a row, leave a tail as long as desired fringe, ch2 through side of last row, continue on. At the end of a row, ch1, cut as long as desired fringe, thread through the chain and pull. You'll get the hang of it.

Adding fringe.


Rows are written out from the center row. So, for row 2, you would complete it on both sides of the base row. That would make these 5 rows really 9 rows, because center+4x2=9.

Always crochet in the natural direction you would if working with a single skein and not leaving tails.

Center row(color1): LT, BHDC 210, LT
Row 2-4(alternating colors): LT, HDC across, LT

Add fringe to taste.

And that's all there is to it!
You can add as many rows to each side as you want, depending on how wide you like your scarves.

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  1. I love this scarf, it is beautiful! I really want to make one!