Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Traveling Scarf Tradition

Traveling scarves are a long Zion Academy tradition. In addition to being an important staple of any student’s winter wardrobe, if made properly, these simple articles may offer more protection than simply from the blasting winds.

A proper traveling scarf is always hand made(talons, paws, tentacles or other extremities will do). Each stitch is infused with the elemental energies of the creator, which gives its practical uses as trans-spatial marker, temporal signature and deflector of a variety of other cosmic anomalies.

The scarves are almost unlimited in appearance, but are usually striped. The placing of sections on the article serves to organize the subtext into simpler codes, creating longer-lasting charms. Formatting of a scarf is much like formatting any other work of words -- composition depends on the function intended. There are nearly endless combinations of stitches, lengths, edgings and colors that may be used to customize this piece of wearable protection.

The following is an excerpt from the booklet ”Traveling Scarves by Doris Dwarves,” considered the primary resource on the subject:

“When undertaking the practical crafts, one must exercise caution when dealing with raw energies. Traveling scarves are no exception. A good student of the elements will take careful note of the color’s nature and be well-versed in various contexts and combinations. Several of the basic combinations follow:

Black/Dark with -
Green/Earth - physical strength, repells toxins
Blue/Water - promotes mental clarity, prevents confusion
Red/Fire - boosts stamina, Berserker state known to occur
Pink/Spirit - boosts confidence, repells violent spirits
Orange/Air - boosts eloquence, repells mishap
Purple/Time - slows or speeds time almost intangibly, attracts nightmare
Yellow/Luck - produces energy of motion and mind
White/Light - promotes contrast, enabling decisions
Gray/Somnia - boosts instinct for danger

White with -
Orange - suspends fatigue
Gray - boosts instinct for opportunity

Others -
Green/Blue - produces a calming effect, repells rain water
Green/Orange - promotes mental clarity and repells mishap
Purple/Yellow - promotes resource and heightened luck, renders negative charms inaffective
Purple/Gray - boosts instinct and premonition by dreams

“If any licensed scarf-maker, or student with Professor-signed advocate slip has any combination to add to this list, please send the information by any means practical to:

Doris Dwarves
c/o R. Blackbird
Desk 9, Tower 4, Scribe’s Division
Zion Academy, New Midnight Branch”

Scarves Registered Under Published Patterns

Crocheted Vertical Stripe

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