Monday, September 27, 2010

Who is the greatest person ever, in your opinion?

Aside from Jesus and the single-faced religious debate that would almost surely follow, my main answer is similar to when someone asked me "who is the most beautiful person ever?"

I think many people are great, but I am not someone that knows people so well that I award them a title, publicly or privately. And I must also account for the fact that most people fluctuate in their greatness, or eventually abandon it altogether. In my opinion, the main thing that makes someone great is an outlook of not caring if they're "great." Think of it this way: If you have to prove to someone that you're cool, you aren't.

I live in stories. Some of my greatest heroes are not real people. I love Sherlock Holmes, John Boy Walton and Hermione Granger, to name only a few. In this world, I know someone who thinks the best of people, which makes them great. I know someone else who is honest, which does the same, especially because it's hard to be honest with *yourself. And now, I have a question for *YOU.

Why did you ask me this?

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